Random Drug Testing Should Be Illegal

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 Random drug testing on the job is wrong in so many ways. Unless a person is employed in a high risk security job, or driving a bus, or flying an airplane, random drug testing should not be allowed. I understand employees have a right to be as safe as possible at work, employers have the right to take all possible precautions to protect their business and property, but you can't impose your policies over my entire life. Isn't that a supervisor or managers job, to keep an eye on his employees to make sure they are doing what they are getting paid to do, and not stoned or drunk? Some may say that some drug users conceal their use so well that you can't tell. Well if they are not impaired by their drug use, than who cares? I don't understand how an employer can implement a "Drug Free Workplace" policy at his business, but give you a drug test first thing Monday morning. These test will give positive results for up to five days after an individual has taken drugs. So long after the effects of the drugs has wore off, and person is as normal as they was before taking drug, will still test positive. When a person clocks in for work an employer has every right to expect that person's undivided attention for the eight hours they are being paid for. When that person clocks out that time is now theirs. The next sixteen hours is theirs to do as they wish, as long as it does not hurt the employers property or other employees, it is none of their business. If you read the news and look at statistics it shouldn't even be neccessary to do random drug testing. The drug users would soon be out of a job because of absentism, tardiness, or poor production at their job. These are all legit reasons to be fired.


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