Not Just Drugs

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My Life Is Not All Drug Related

BIG Fish

I love catching BIG fish. Most of my free time in the summer is spent fishing for record sized catfish or bait used to get these giants. All of my fish are caught on rod and reel and any fish over 10 lbs. are CPR. CPR is catch, photograph, release. I know how much fun it is to land a big fish and how long you sometimes have to spend fishing before catching one. I release the big ones so maybe someone who has never caught a big one will get that opportunity. In life you have to make time for whatever your passion may be. If you have friends and family make sure to share as much of life as you can with them. Always remember they can be gone in an instant and as you grow older, time does seem to fly by faster and faster. If you have no family and don't want any friends, I understand that too. You are always in good company when with yourself. Just never allow yourself to get so tied up with work and responsibility that your life becomes work.


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Take Time To Enjoy Life

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