The Bigger Picture

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Local Neighborhoods and Foreign Countries

  I have been following the War On Drugs for several years now and created this site in an attempt to spread information on the subject. After years of reading about drugs, law enforcement, society and people's beliefs and feelings on the subject I have read some pretty amazing and unbelievable things. Some of what I have read is tragic and heartbreaking. Drugs can definately impact a person's life, or a whole community in a very negative way. The war on drugs only adds to the damage caused by drugs and addiction.

 In the last decade the source of America's drugs has shifted and the routes that get them here have changed. The groups in control of these routes have changed and those in control will do anything to maintain control. America has a hearty appetite for drugs and the cash to spend trying to get their fill. The only problem is they're spending billions and billions of dollars, only to obtain an even greater desire for drugs than they originally had. Most of the drugs are not domestic products. Some have ingredients that are not obtainable in the U.S. because of climate, regulations, or simply because Americans are not creative enough to get around these obstacles. No there is no shortage of drugs because of this, it just means the drugs are imported and the billions and billions of dollars are exported. Mexico has become the main benefactor of this. Middleman in the beginning, and eventually taking over the entire operation and all of the profits that went with the added risk. This has made some people very, very wealthy. With the vast amounts of cash coming into Mexico also brings many problems for law abiding citizens. Violence and corruption are out of control and in many places the good people are helpless against the thugs. Some of the biggest thugs and most dangerous criminals are in positions of authority or have the authority in their pocket. I couldn't believe some of the things happening there and I think most civilized people would be shocked and I don't believe any civilized people should have to live under such conditions. I believe this is another product of our war on drugs and it is easy to see that the situation is getting worse instead of better. Please pray, vote, educate yourself and hope things change for the victims of this war on drugs, and those suffering from addiction to the drugs the war is being waged against no matter where in the world they are.

A More Global View

After being fired from a job because of a random drug test I started this web site. I wanted to tell everyone how the War on Drugs was failing and hurting people that were doing no wrong. Several years have passed, I got another job and pretty much abandoned this site and my crusade. The War on Drugs is still being fought and lost. During this time there are events and situations happening that most of the U.S. population are unaware of. The media doesn't give it any coverage, our government wants it "out of sight, out of mind." It continues running in the background, growing stronger, smarter, and more dangerous. Our neighbors to the south have been devoured by the beast and is all but taken over and controlled by it now. Like a dreaded disease it is spreading with little attention and no resistence. It is already deeply rooted in the states and getting stronger very rapidly in almost every state. It is another by product of the drug war, but if we are not careful this one might come back and bite us on the ass. Cartels started out in Mexico transporting drugs and securing the routes needed to move the drugs. Growing very wealthy from the drug proceeds also opened up a means to buy corrupt officials and entire departments of government.

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As long as drugs can sell with such ease and demand such a high price the cartels will be willing to supply them and use whatever means neccessary to control the market. A great source for information on the cartels and their everyday workings, that is mainly written in English, is  Borderland Beat

Violence, Corruption, Fear, and Desperation

The citizens of Mexico are captives in their own country. Extorted, forced to live with a level of violence that is unimaginable to most civilized people. Beheadings, disolving their victims in acid, skinning people, hanging them from bridges during rush hour and creating mass graves with hundreds of bodies of both innocent citizens and members of other cartels. Sounds like scenes from a horror movie, yet these things happen in Mexico on nearly a daily basis. The media doesn't report it, if they do you are likely to find a journalist hanging from a bridge within a day or two. The government will straight out lie about it, reporting one or two people injured when there are many witnesses saying there was at least 25 or 30 fatalities.

Know Enough To Stay Away

Most Americans don't have a clue about the situation in Mexico, but they do know it is no longer safe to vacation or even shop in Mexico. The once crowded beaches of the many tourist hot spots are now empty and quiet other than the sounds of firearms.